Advocacy Service

100_0618This service is client led and the purpose of this service is to give independent support to our clients. Disabled clients have to deal with many problems in their day to day living, these problems to some may appear trivial and easily solved, this may well be the case but to many of our clients a minor problem can soon become a very different thing that can impact enormously on our clients, especially when they are feeling unwell. With our continuing support we can help our clients make informed choices of their own.

An informed choice is their choice !

Advocate meeting with client



100_0380Transitional Advocacy

Working in schools to help support our future generations, giving them a voice in their own choices

Enable Ability has a new Advocacy service. Enable Ability can now offer additional help for disabled children going through the transitional stages of their education and eventually onto adulthood. This recently new service is offered to children from the age of thirteen upwards to help provide the information and emotional support they may need in this very difficult period of their life. The choices available are many, these may include where they want to go to college where they want to go to university and the courses they may want to take.


Our services are totally independent and only underline the wishes of our clients and not those of others who may want to influence them.

Disability can have a major impact on anyone and any family Some are born with a disability and other can become disabled by result of an accident or an illness, it is at times like these that a support network can make all the difference. We at Enable Ability can be part of that network that enables all those concerned to have an informed choice about their lives now and in the future.

We give you a voice!