The Adult Befriending Service is currently spilt into three different services and are as follows:

final day playscheme 09 067Befriending - 18-65 year olds
Enable Ability offer long term befriending support, to take service users out, who are either socially isolated or severely restricted due to their disability. Activities may include shopping, bowling, cinema. This is a client led service providing a much needed stable relationship to a lot of disabled people in the community.

Transition - 18-25 yr olds
This service is specifically for 18-25 year olds that have left or are just leaving education. We aim to be involved with service users and their parents from the age of 17 , we recognise this is an important part of their life and development in to being an adult. The befriending service co-ordinator works closely with the transitional social worker, the school and Connexions to ensure a smooth transition period. We provide 1 to 1 support, as well as taking the young adults out on group activities, we have a structured activities programme so they still get to be with their friends and stay as active as possible, whilst giving parents much needed respite. We understand that some young adults have quite complex needs. Our staff have comprehensive experience in working with disabled children/adults and are trained in various things such as SCIP, tube feeding and hoisting.

sports day 011NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) 16-25 yr olds
This project is to help get young adults with a physical or learning disability into Employment, Education or Training. Befrienders will work with the client to help them gain confidence and integrate into the community to gain life skills in preparation for adult life. Befrienders support our service users with application forms, interview and CV skills. Befrienders will also go into to college/work placements with service users to help in class and help them to gain life skills