PASN - Portsmouth Autism Support Network - closed as an independent charity at the end of its financial year on 31st March 2019. In preparation for this closure the PASN Trustees asked Enable Ability to continue to support its ongoing services, and indeed the coordination of those services has been undertaken by Enable Ability since late 2018.

Today the services that were previously run by PASN can be found within the Enable Ability site as follows (just click on the titles to route to the pages):

Young Adults Club

Youth Hub

Gym Club

Football Club

Please note that we will not be continuing to use the EventBrite online booking service in its current form as this adds costs to our service users. Nor will there be any annual membership subscription of £5.

To contact the Enable Ability team about any of our services for young people with autism please call the office on 023 9267 1846 or email