27 December 2019, General

Enable Ability values the opinions of the young people we work with, we are continuously working with children and young adults to enrich their lives with the aim of preparing them for adulthood and setting them up with meaningful employment. However, we appreciate we need a steering committee of young people to help us with this quest.

The charity has teamed us with our friends at Dynamite to Chair a committee in the new year, the committee will discuss a variety of topics which will steer the charity to being a charity led by the young people we work with. All topics discussed will be reported to the charity's Board of Trustees who may ask for help on certain projects or seek advice from the committee.

However, we appreciate this cannot be achieved unless we have some willing volunteers. Meetings will take place in Southsea between the times of 4-6pm (meeting starts at 4.30pm). We only have ten places available for young people to join the committee, three places have already been confirmed.

If your young person is keen and would like to know when the first meeting is, please email James on hampshireyp@enableability.org.uk or call/text him on 07857 328390. Please bear in mind, young people who join the committee need to already use the charity's services but they do not need to be associated with Dynamite. This is open to young people and adults aged 13 upwards from different projects and services across Enable Ability.