28 January 2020, General


For the first time ever the Enable Ability news stories turn into a film reviews website!

Okay... so Project Leaders at Enable Ability don’t always get the activities just right. A classic example was on Wednesday 22nd January, when the Portsmouth Teenage Project went to see Cats the movie at Vue Cinemas in Gunwharf Quays. We’d like to take this opportunity to apologise... James ignored the many bad reviews the film has received and focused solely on the star-studded cast thinking it couldn't be that bad!!! It was...

We are sorry that all the young people had to sit through two hours of torture, with two of our young people taking the opportunity to have a nap!! It was an incredibly bizarre experience watching cat bodies with human-like faces. We personally rate Cats a minus 2 out of 5, it was that boring with no emotion or feeling attached to any of the characters, a disjointed plot and songs you're more likely to hear from your Aunt Val's favourite hits from Classic FM.

From here onwards, film recommendations are welcomed from our young people! Thankfully our next cinematic adventure will take us to see Sonic The Hedgehog in February as part of our half term Teenage Scheme activities, fingers crossed this film will be worth watching!