17 April 2021, General

Dear Friends

I hope this note finds you and your loved ones well. It's been a difficult few months since I last wrote to you, but hopefully with numbers suffering from the virus declining and things beginning to ease and reopen, we can look forward to better times ahead. At Enable Ability we are planning to restart all of our services, but we recognise that it's not just a switch that can be flipped on, and it will take a little time for participants and their families to feel confident in returning to activities.

 Our staff are only too aware of the challenges faced and will restart activities at the pace needed for safe running. Please be assured that staff have received at least one vaccination and are being tested regularly. We will continue to follow covid guidance to ensure we operate as safely as possible. If you have any concerns, please contact the team leader responsible for the activity. 

If not already happened, our managers will be in touch to discuss service restarts, now we are able to resume activities. The Easter play scheme is operating as I write to you, with 4 venues open across the city supporting smaller groups of children. This is likely to be the pattern for the future, and feedback we are getting from participants, their families and our commissioners indicates this is a preferred model. We are already planning for the summer play scheme, and are hopeful we can build on the number of venues, supporting more children and families. The teenage and youth projects will be starting towards the end of the month and Saturday Club will resume on the 25th April. Befriending for both children and adults is also restarting as venues open up. Our social enterprise has continued to run some activities for participants during lockdown, and this will restart fully in the coming weeks. Landport Community Centre is once again opening its doors for current and new hirers, and we look forward to the cafe reopening in mid-May once we are allowed to operate inside. Please keep looking at the Enable Ability website for more news and information on our services and activities.

May I wish you all well, and we look forward to better times ahead.

Best wishes

Jon Muller
Chair of Trustees