30 November 2019, General

The Portsmouth Teenage Project have been diarising frequent visits to DICE in Portsmouth for board game socials. DICE is the first ever board games café within Portsmouth. It has a wide range of board games to suit everyone; from the absolute beginners to the board gaming champions. May we take this opportunity to thank DICE Portsmouth for always being so accommodating and welcoming whenever we visit. 

A few of the young people within the charity's Portsmouth Teenage Project have sparked up interest around the RPG genre, also known as Role Playing Games. This led James Donougher, the Project Leader, to attend DICE’s popular D&D Junior event and was incredibly impressed by the high levels of interaction between young people who had never met before, bringing them together for a first time through a simple concept. 

For those who don’t know, D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) derives from the traditional wargaming style of playing. Within Dungeons and Dragons, players are required to create their own character. These characters embark upon an imaginary adventure typically within a fantasy setting. A Dungeon Master (DM) serves as the games storyteller and referee. The DM maintains the imaginative setting in which the adventure takes place and plays any other inhabitants within the game world. The characters involved form a party and they interact with the settings inhabitants and each other. Together they solve dilemmas, engage in combat and gather rewards. In the process, the characters earn experience points (XP) in order to rise in gaming levels and can become increasingly powerful over a series of gaming sessions.

This has led Enable Ability to organise our very own D&D event for individuals with special educational needs in the New Year. Depending on the success of the session will dictate whether we make this a monthly event.

We hope to see as many of you giving D&D a go, there will be plenty of staff members/volunteers available who play D&D regularly on hand to help teach our young people how to play.

We have included a couple of photos of the young people attending DICE in their last visit to the venue.