09 February 2020, Landport Inter Activ

The Young inspectors from Dynamite came to visit Landport Inter Activ late last year and have produced this positive report detailed below. The staff at Enable Ability and Landport Inter Activ Community centre thank them for their time and input and will take on board your recommendations for the future.

Young Inspectors Report – Interactiv at Landport Community Centre

On the 5th December 2019 Young Inspectors Louis, Matthew and Reece visited Interactiv at Landport Community Centre in Landport. 

The Young Inspectors looked at four different areas when inspecting the service and rated those areas out of five.

These four areas were:
1. Preparing for adulthood.
2. The Staff.
3. Accessibility (this means how easy it is for young people with a range of disabilities to use the service).
4. Safety and Surroundings.

You can find out more about Interactiv on their local offer page.


Staff ★★★★★

The Young Inspectors met many staff and volunteers volunteers.

“They were lovely, they were happy to tell us what they do there and give us information” – Louis

“Steph would be a good manager because she’s done lots of different jobs” – Reece

Base training is provided to all staff to work with people with a disability. The Young Inspectors thought that this was good.

All staff are trained to respond to fires.

“it was good that all of the staff wear name badges” - Matthew

Accessibility ★★★★

“it’s all on one level, it’s all flat and people using wheelchairs can get in easily” – Louis

The Young Inspectors felt that all of the information they were given was easy to understand and that the staff were all easy to understand.

Young Inspectors felt that they had good procedures for supporting the needs of service users. 

They took an individual approach to people who might have meltdowns.

Young Inspectors asked about what staff would do if someone had a mental health crisis. The answer was really good but inspectors would have liked to hear more about what staff would do after a crisis to make sure that a young person was getting the right support to prevent another crisis.

Inspectors also thought it would have been good to hear more about how Interactiv link with other groups and services to support young people.

Young Inspectors thought that it was good how Interactiv had records.

“They keep records of different people and things which happen and medication records – its easy for staff to refer to” - Matthew

Safety and Surroundings ★★★★1/2

“I was quite impressed really” - Matthew

The whole building is wheelchair accessible. 

The centre is themed around comic books and superheroes which the Young Inspectors liked.

“it’s very colourful” – Matthew

“it’s a good design” - Reece

The toilets say “Heroes” and “Heroines” instead of “men” and “women”

There are also picture symbols on the doors but Young Inspectors thought that there should also be text saying “men” and “women” so that no one is confused.

On every other door there is a clear sign above.

“I liked the signs above the doors, they actively show what the rooms are, they’re easy to navigate.” – Louis

All of the Young Inspectors felt safe when they were there.


One reason Young Inspectors felt safe was that there is a sign in form as you come in.

Young Inspectors thought that being able to make the doors lock from the inside was good so that people could have confidential chats, they suggested that there could also be ‘meeting in progress’ signs so that people know not to go in. 

“Also doors can be locked from the inside to keep someone safe – I think that’s pretty cool” – Louis

“I was quite impressed with the answer about how to keep a young person safe if they are in foster care and a family member comes in” – Matthew

Inspectors asked about how they tackle bullying, they liked that there was a clear system so that they didn’t tolerate bullying but also worked to support everyone in the situation.

Preparing for Adulthood ★★★★1/2

“Their goal is to give people work experience and build up skills, this will prepare them for moving on to employment, they have skills coaches they can talk to. They have capacity for 24 people” – Louis

Young People gain skills for employment at Interactiv but they don’t gain formal qualifications. 

Young Inspectors wondered if there could be a qualification attached to the work at Interactiv.

“a qualification would look really good for getting into the work environment” – Louis

Young Inspectors felt that Interactiv were providing ways for young people to be more independent with their work experience.


  • Ensure that all staff have an understanding of non-crisis mental health services and how to refer to them.
  • Explore whether young people on the course could receive a recognised qualification.
  • Have a sign which can be temporarily put on the doors saying “meeting in progress”
  • Have the words “male” and “female” clearly written on the toilet doors.