30 September 2020, General

Last weekend, six young people joined us to learn new skills in baking shortbread biscuits and learning the art of macrame. Both sessions were great fun and free to take part in, the macrame online workshop was kindly delivered by Alice Hume from Vanderhume, some pictures of what we made are provided below. Meanwhile, the shortbread making workshop was delivered by our very own Project Leader, James, live from his kitchen in Southsea! One of our young people took the initiative to make his shortbread biscuits even tastier by adding a layer of caramel and chocolate on top to create a Millionaire Shortbread, his picture is below, proudly showing off his masterpiece!

Enable Ability will continue to provide both online and group sessions, with the intentions of the online sessions providing a social opportunity to those who are suffering with anxiety or those who are home schooled due to various reasons. Online sessions can also provide sessions to those who have to isolate, shielding or too ill to leave their homes, there may also be problems at home regarding transport where the young person is unable to get to a group session.

The online sessions worked so well back in April and still continue to offer our projects something new. Some of the activities are best taught online due to having to socially distance in person, therefore through facilitating a session online, participants can see more clearly on how a particular skill can be learnt up close through camera.

Further online activity dates are currently being advertised for Friday 16th October and Friday 30th October, please get in touch if you would like to be involved in similar online workshops.

We will end this article with just a few pictures taken from the online activities at the weekend!