30 December 2018, General


In late 2017 Enable Ability and PASN jointly tendered and won funding from Portsmouth City Council to run a Youth Hub and Gymnastics Club in Portsmouth and since April this year the two organisations have been working together to deliver these services.

At their AGM in September last the PASN board of trustees decided that the charity would cease to operate from the end of the current financial year - March 31st 2019. In doing so they asked Enable Ability if we would take over the current services from them, which was accepted by the trustees of Enable Ability.

Enable Ability has since appointed a program leader, Nikki Hayler, to help manage the transition of services. As we are a needs-led organisation our first task is to seek the views of the current 170+ registered members of PASN and establish their needs and demand for the future. To date this has involved attendance and discussion at various meetings with service users and their families and carers, but now will enter a more structured approach with a questionnaire that will be emailed to registered members and provided as hand-outs at various service meetings.

This consultation period is expected to last until year-end allowing the management team at Enable Ability to make decisions in early 2019 about which services to offer and how best to align them with other Enable Ability services such that on the 1stApril 2019 everything is in place and clear to all our users.

In the meantime we intend to carry on, where appropriate, with existing PASN services but we do expect you to see changes when information is moved to the Enable Ability website and social media outlets which will include a new name/branding for these and a few of our other services.

We plan to align the services with Enable Ability’s own processes which will see removal of the need to pay a membership subscription in favour of a more formal registration process and the development of individual care plans. We also intend to replace the Eventbrite booking system with something with no booking fees for service users and no differential pricing.

Existing service users of PASN and Enable Ability should be reassured that we will continue to provide inclusive, high quality, professional and confidential services based on their needs for the future.

Should anyone have any further questions then please call Enable Ability during office hours to speak with the manager Richard Soutar on 023 9267 1846.