Picture of the donated tablets
21 August 2020, Landport Community Centre

So many vulnerable people have been cut off from the outside world through the Covid-19 pandemic because they do not have access to the internet, and besides from not being able to video chat with family and friends (which is crucial to help maintain our self-esteem and mental health in times like these), this also means that a lot of people haven’t been able to access the latest and most up to date Government health and safety information, nor purchase anything online, or have access to any online learning whatsoever.

With our local community in mind, Inter Activ, based at Landport Community Centre, set to by asking DevicesDotNow (via the Good Things Foundation), if they could supply us with a few tablets so that we can help reconnect some of our most vulnerable and socially isolated people back with their families and friends. We have been fortunate to receive 10 tablets and we cannot thank DevicesDotNow enough for their support!

The 10 tablets have arrived, and our Computer Group facilitator has been setting them up ready for recipients to receive. The recipients will be helped by our team to set up passwords and emails, and will be guided on how to use them. We have carefully chosen 6 people to benefit from the tablets so far- some of these are people who regularly attend the Computer Group at Landport Community Centre, and we know would make great use of the tablets for a number of reasons. 

"I am so happy to receive a tablet to enable me to look for work, use the internet, also everyday tasks like booking a doctors appointment. I am in the process of learning how to make video calls on WhatsApp to keep in contact with friends and family. Thank you to the team at Landport Community Centre and DevicesDotNow."

Jonathan Snow, recipient of one of the donated tablets


These 6 tablets have already started to be given out however, that means we have 4 more devices available, and we’d like to give them to 4 people/ families who are in need, on condition that the recipients in question meet a certain criteria. If you or anyone you know from the Charles Dickens Ward would benefit from a device, (they may have been completely isolated since the start of Covid-19), please contact Mary Ive: Project Manager of InterActiv at interactiv@enableability.org.uk , or pop into Landport Community Centre between Tuesday - Friday, 11am-2pm and speak with the Computer Group facilitator. Please bear in mind that the recipient(s) will need to be happy for their personal information to be used under GDPR regulations, and must agree to give feedback for funder purposes.

Again, a big thank you to the DevicesDotNow via the Good Things Foundation for allowing us to help more people in need during these very uncertain times.

If you’d like to know more about our Computer Group, Inter Activ social enterprise or Repair Shop please contact Mary Ive: interactiv@enableability.org.uk


Published by Hollie Sherred, Partnerships and Events Officer