07 August 2019, General

Despite our Project Leader’s car breaking down (fortunately at the start of the activity and other breakdown companies apply to the one pictured below), this weekend’s activity was a great success at Battlefront Games, based in Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire.

The group who joined us on Saturday split in two teams, reds and blues, to battle it out to be the ultimate battlefront champions. Using lazer guns, the young people ducked, dived and weaved their way around an old redundant army camp to reign supreme; however, we played four games in total and both teams drew.

Izzy (mum of one of our young people) said “Thank you for today! He really enjoyed himself!” We also welcomed to the Hampshire Youth Project two new young people who joined us for the first time on Saturday, they really enjoyed the activity. The perfect activity to make new friends whilst trying something new.

Naturally, there was a few grunts and groans from the team who were leading 2-0 but ended up drawing by the end. But despite this, everyone showed terrific gamesmanship and both teams worked extremely well together. Sign them up for the British Army, they were great!