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09 January 2020, General

On Sunday 5th January, a group of young people volunteered to be involved in a garden project at the newly transformed Landport InterActiv (formerly known as Landport Community Centre). Last Sunday, the garden project kicked off the new decade with 11 young people from Enable Ability’s Hampshire Youth Project helping the Facilities Manager Steve Lowe in designing and building giant-sized portable flower beds made from old pallets. It turned into a DIY masterclass where young people were taught how to safely use hammers, saws and electric screwdrivers.

They also had an opportunity to share their ideas with Steve on what could be done with the outdoor space; ideas included creating an outdoor space in time for the summer months where visitors to the centre could enjoy sitting outside eating food purchased from the centre’s café. Themes included beach themes with deck chairs and palm trees; others were more sport-focused by creating a Pompey mural using the walls that surround the outdoor space.

Some of our young people really stood out as being natural team leaders, as well as others who started the session quite reserved but ended the session wanting to get involved in everything. Steve said “the session was a great success and thought the young people learnt a lot on how to use the tools”, he continued by saying how impressed he was with the entire group and how in a short period of time, they got a lot done.

We even had enough time after the job was completed to relax in the café with a beautiful vegetable soup to warm us all up after a freezing cold and drizzly morning.

We hope to get another date in the diary in the next few months to start filling the newly built flowers beds with soil and start planting with the support of the local community garden which is located directly behind the centre.

We really hope the outside space will be completed by the summer months for the local community to enjoy and take advantage of. If anyone knows any local gardening or resurfacing companies who would be willing to donate materials towards this fantastic project led by our young people, please get in touch by emailing James Donougher who is the Project Leader for the Hampshire Youth Project at hampshireyp@enableability.org.uk

We have added below some photos taken from the day - well done to all involved so far. However, we still have a long way to go though… find out how we get on by following our Facebook page here.