pts event schedule - feb half term
12 February 2019, General

If your young person aged 13-17 years old would like to join us next week in our fun calendar of activities in a supported environment, please get in touch on 07857 328390 or email James on to get involved, the deadline is fast-approaching. Each day costs £15 running from 10am-4pm, this includes all activity costs. Full activity details listed below:

Monday 18th February: HEALTHY PIZZA MASTERCHEF WORKSHOP – This facilitator-led cookery workshop is to encourage healthy eating choices that everyone can enjoy. Super healthy and tasty choices which we can eat after the session or (if there is any left) take home to reheat. Be creative with what you put on your pizza and we will have a vote at the end on who has the tastiest pizza with the toppings they have chosen.

Tuesday 19th February: STAR MAPPING WORKSHOP AT PORTSMOUTH HISTORIC DOCKYARD – Learn about sailor’s traditional navigation skills with our constellation craft activities. Find out the names of some of the constellations in the northern hemisphere by making your own star finder. Discover how to find the north star in the night sky, make your own ‘Polaris’ star and create your own constellation chart to take home with you.

Wednesday 20th February: HANDS-ON HMS VICTORY From sailors to surgeons to marines and midshipmen uncover the lives of the real men who lived, worked and fought on HMS Victory. This hands-on investigative session will use ‘Discovery chests’ to help the young people learn more about the crew, revealing for the first time their names, what they did and how they lived on-board the ship. It is excellent for developing investigative and enquiry skills culminating with the young people presenting their findings to the ‘ships company’.

Thursday 21st February: RETRO GAMING EVENT – Our friends at Game Over will be hosting with us an event where we will have available video games from the 80’s and 90’s. The older young people from the charity will be volunteering at the event, assisting your young person with their gaming experience. This is a change from the original art-based event we had planned in Gunwharf Quays.

Friday 22nd February: PORTSMOUTH HARBOUR BOAT TRIP – On the 45 minute Harbour Tour, we will see many of the fortifications that were built to protect Portsmouth over the centuries, in particular the Round Tower at the harbour entrance and the Solent forts which formed the centre of a string of fortifications along the coast during the Napoleonic Wars. We will even have an opportunity to see the navy ships up close.