Volunteering in Portsmouth.
05 December 2019, Disability in the news

May we introduce you to, 'Sarah Powell', our very own 'Volunteer Officer' and the importance of her role…



Her role, 'Volunteer Officer' – involves, recruiting, reference and DBS checking. Along with inducting new volunteers for our various projects.

Enable Ability provides services in Portsmouth where our volunteers are needed and benefits greatly those who choose to do so… Sarah tells us more:

Our projects rely on the support and enthusiasm of our volunteers to help young disabled people access activities in the local area.  We have volunteers of many different ages and stages of their lives.  Our volunteers gain a great sense of satisfaction, and our student volunteers gain many skills they can use in their chosen careers, while our older volunteers sometimes just want something fun to do while giving back.

I first became involved with EA 5 years ago when my eldest son started attending one of the projects. I saw what great things the charity was doing and when the opportunity of a part time role came up I was keen to become more involved.

I love meeting new people and seeing some of our volunteers really thrive in the role.  I know what a difference they can make to the project and the children attending.

Please also see; https://www.enableability.org.uk/support-us/volunteering                                  

Sarah can be contacted at: eavolunteers@enableability.org.uk or at our office address.