02 April 2019, General

"On Saturday, I took my son and friend to The Pyramids in Southsea. Whilst there, a large group of young people and staff arrived on poolside from Enable Ability. I was so impressed with the main leader who handled these young people with such respect and care, whilst clearly being in control. He gave such clear instructions reminding them where a member of staff would be, what to do if worried but also reminding them about being respectful to the public. He handled a situation very well with a young person who was having a moment. He really was a man after my own heart, reminding her if she didn't come and listen, she couldn't go in and to sort it out. Firm, clear and fair. 

All staff I observed were so caring and so encouraging. The young people were so caring of one another, kind and very respectful to the staff, each other and the public. A young lad made friends with another lad (member of the public) and as they made their way to the flume, he reminded him not to run. More importantly, they were happy ,confident and independent. Great work guys, all staff and young people should feel very proud. 

You might ask how I could judge, I have been a teacher for 26 years, a SENCO and run a resourced provision for children with special needs. Plus as a manager, use to grading provisions and lessons. What I observed was outstanding. 

Please pass on my comments to the young people and staff. Keep up the good work. Other organisations could learn so much from your organisation."

Anonymous Onlooker