23 January 2020, General

Hampshire Youth Project visited the Quality Wrestling Academy in Havant to learn some new wrestling skills.

Supported by the host and renowned wrestler himself, the Prince of Mumbai (otherwise known as Rishi Ghosh). Rishi was incredibly friendly and professional throughout the experience. All our young people came away saying how much they had enjoyed the experience, some even said they weren’t looking forward to it originally but they ended up having such an amazing time.

Rishi and his brother Rajah taught the young people how to fall correctly, jump from the corner of the ring and we even learnt a few wrestling moves thanks to their trusty dummy Keith who took all the punches throughout the session (we apologised to Keith afterwards).

Our young people were in awe of the three pro-wrestling performances that followed, the atmosphere was tense and engaging throughout. We even managed to get a quick snap of the guys with the pro wrestlers at the end.

Thank you for everyone at Quality Wrestling Academy who helped to make this experience as memorable as it was. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.