sponsored walk

We, at Enable Ability, thoroughly appreciate any fundraising made on our behalf and are very thankful for all efforts, no matter how big or small; to bring much needed funds to support the services we provide.

Fundraising currently represents 2% of our total income stream, which is something we want to improve on through greater awareness in the local community.

Whether you are running a long distance or running an auction, if you want to fundraise on our behalf then we recommend you use our fundraising platform provided by the charity Wonderful.org.uk. They charge no fees for their service to ensure all your hard work sends all the money directly where it’s needed. They also claim Gift Aid for us free of charge. All you need to do is register on the site and create a new fundraising page detailing the event you are holding and then invite your friends to support you. You can connect to the site by clicking on the Wonderful image below:



We also have fundraising packs with details of the charity and forms for completion.